With EMCOR Services Hillcrest, one of the most well known engineering design companies in the Central Valley and Central Coast areas, you have clear, open access to the people on your design/build or design/assist project. You know exactly where to go for answers. You know what things cost and when they will be delivered. EMCOR provides complete engineering services, or we can work with your engineer to collaborate and come up with the most cost effective solutions. In either case, your project comes to market more quickly because we can pre-purchase long-lead equipment items and shorten your design and bid phase.

EMCOR Services Hillcrest works closely with you and your entire design team - in sync - to ensure your project is as efficient and effective as possible. Our experienced project managers and project engineers take a no-nonsense approach to every job, saving you needless engineering fees by applying their years of field experience.

Our mechanical engineering team has decades of experience in installing, operating, and maintaining hundreds of different types of mechanical systems. We can tell you what works and what doesn't. We guide you to a cost effective, efficient and easy-to-maintain mechanical system.

Whatever your needs, talk with EMCOR Services about a design/build solution. We have experience in the design of HVAC and process systems for:

  • Hospitals/Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Hotels/Hospitality
  • Schools
  • Municipal buildings
  • Laboratories